Prisoner Of Conscience !!!

The desire to rebel is what fills my heart these days though I am yet to test all the possible oddities in life, yet to test my conviction against those who have questioned my integrity. Love & respect is all I have for them.

Endure the pain so that it becomes my cure someday!! This is what I have been following these days to overcome ..

The only challenge is to stay focus despite the heart quenching pain & the indifference.


It’s the dark clouds that covered the sky,
       the darkness that tries engulfs
the truth I am carrying… I was scared 
   but I decided decided to become the flame to banish this darkness around !!!


      Today you might be questioned
  But tomorrow you will be praised. It’s the world of followers that we live in so
    be the change.. Let’s do something
to destroy fear & encourage the power
   power of truth… Don’t hesitate to
walk all alone if you are carrying truth !!


If the ocean can calm itself, then why
    can’t we, .. After all both of us are
made up of salt water mixed with air !!!!
If you carry love and honesty then trust me it will sail you through  because practically, it takes nothing to join or be a part of a group but it certainly takes everything to stand all alone. Courage, patience, conviction is what going to make the difference over knowledge...
because it’s the attitude which will sail you through & not the knowledge which has a limitation of its own at some point of time..

People may come and go, its their choice, but hold onto your guts, feelings, love and respect for them,  It’s really worth it to be honest & trust me, someone is counting every second of our pain and we will be rewarded…

It’s always necessary to remember that
   sometimes it takes over whelming
             breakdown to have an
        undeniable breakthrough !!!!!

So, be bold, courageous, respect your life, love with full honesty & integrity..

Love and respect for my love as always..
Beparvah !!!

P.S. The purpose of this post is to encourage all those who are having some sort of  dilemma because of emotional turmoil in their lives….


27 thoughts on “Prisoner Of Conscience !!!”

  1. You’ve done nothing but encourage me. I have been fighting internally, emotionally and your post has definitely made a difference. How come I didn’t read anybof your posts! It’s sad that I couldn’t, but now that I’m reading, I feel we are dealing with life on a different level and we have people who are present with us on that level and fighting the same fight as us. It takes courage to highlight the mistakes only if you’ve accepted them and learn from the realization. It was intense reading your blog. I’m glad I came across your blog, thankyou for reading few words of mine. You’re doing a great job, inspiring people. All we need is inspiration and a ray of hope and some strength to deal with life.
    Best wishes,

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    1. Firstly, I would like to thank you for such a warm and wonderful words… It will always be treasured;

      Secondly, I feel extremely happy and privileged that I could become a reason for your happiness and strength;

      Thirdly, yes, we are facing emotional problems like many others, I thought I was all alone when I started my blog, I was in search of someone and lost myself in the process, it may be my unrequited love and highest amount of admiration for someone which I still feel proud of instead of being ashamed … I feel proud and happy that I stood for my love and got rejected for the reason best known to her … I still wonder what could be the reason, but I would not escape, and enjoy this love… Thus, I tried my best tho convey what I feel so that to stand by unconditional n. Unrequited love…

      Even god’s love is unrequited but still he loves us…. Mother’s love is also unrequited still she continue tho love is…

      It certainly gives me strength, when I was out of strength, I thought of giving the same… It helped…

      Finally, met with few bloggers, especially Jennifer, bhavya etc.. Who made my path comparatively easy

      Pls tc…
      Will pray for you sincerely..

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      1. Hii! Thanks a lot for writing back. I can very much relate to your dilemma and distress. Unrequited love. Sounds so harsh, don’t you think?
        It’s not unrequited if the person has responded to it and then rejected it at a later date leaving the other stranded, emotionally exhausted and broken. I understand that feeling completely.
        Like you said, we can thank those ill moments of our life, as they done nothing but inspire us! I feel it’s a blessing in disguise, for we have far more matters and people that require our attention, love and care. We are growing everyday, and without any obstacle how would you scale your growth?! Can you? No you can’t. We can just accept things one day at a time and learn to gey past it and grow strong each day. Also learn to be happy, no matter what happens. 🙂
        You know, I am happy to hear those words of strength in your posts as well as in this comment! It really makes a difference in lives of many. I am more than happy to have connected with you here. You too take care
        Best wishes,
        Stay blessed,

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      2. Unrequited love… Yes, it is harsh n brutal…especially when you love and admire the other person so much that you fail to point out any demerits about , on which you can build up your anger… I failed in this miserably and that I only pray for her health and success… May be I am not worthy enough tho be that special one, but I am certainly lucky enough to have so many memories and lessons that she gave me when we were good friends…

        I was insecured , scared of losing her when she wanted time and space.. I failed tho understand what this means, it was my first love, never had such feelings before, otherwise I would have acted in a more pragmatic and in a matured way….

        I started this blog without any idea about blogging.. My purpose was not to become a blogger, my purpose was tho read her posts, follow her blog and converse with her over issues by an anonymous name called ” beparvah ” and within 13 months, I have actually became a blogger with all the basic requirements, may be it’s the list of followers, the awards, nomination, number of posts….and so on..

        Almost all my posts are for her… for the memories & love that I am carrying. All the 230 plus posts are dedicate to her. & all the 15 nominations etc…. So on and so forth…

        The one thing that changed me, and helped me to grow every day is the fact that I have become more emotionally strong, understood the importance of emotional hygiene, and everyday, I feel so happy to carry love for someone….

        And when I found today that my words are encouraging too , the entire process has achieved another star !! I found myself or in search of myself, the real self….. Just pray to god, that come what may, I shall not move on from my first love, and one day she would understand what she meant to me… ..

        Thank you so much for this conversation
        It boosted my confidence.. 🙂 🙂

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      3. You’re a humble soul! You are still seeing faults of your own, for her disapproval. I’m sure it’s not you who was wrong or her for that matter. It’s the circumstances that make people do things they would never do. She made you start your blog, indirectly and look how far you’ve got. You indeed have a wonderful talent to approach life in a way that everything crooked looks beautiful feels beautiful. Very few can do that. You’re right about learning so much and sometimes some things happen because they are meant to. We will never understand the Higher power or His reach. Also, some people are better cherished through memories. 🙂 This journey has definitely changed your perspective on life, I’m sure. Look what you’re today and cherish every moment of it. Finding oneself is a continuous process, we learn everyday.
        Coming to your posts, they mirror your soul your journey and there us so much truth and light in them inspite of the dark experiences, it has left you with wonderful memories to cherish, life lessons to never forget and to love oneself.
        I’m happy to have met you here! Speaking to you felt great. Thankyou for everything, I really appreciate it!
        Best wishes,

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      4. Yes, I still find faults on my part… not only because of my inability tho understand the time and space issue but also the way I kept on writing about her all through my posts… Every posts to be specific and this has troubled her a lot perhaps… Though I didn’t wanted to, even thought of not continuing my blog and tried it for 45 days at a stretch…. But things didn’t worked out even that way… Though my posts are anonymous but I feel that I shouldn’t have written posts about my feelings… I lost a good friend ..

        But it’s amazing that I still pray for her health and success, I still carry a hope that she might forgive me even if that be just before the day of my departure from this world .. It would help my soul to get a free exit !!!

        Yes, never thought of a blog and joined here to search her and instead found 500 plus people .. & few are really close though I have not met then personally… Except Jennifer …

        Thank you so much… I am humble because I knew what I lost will never be compensated… Had my mom be there with me, things would have little easy but two successive loses made me realize what I deserve…

        Wp had given me the confidence that I am not worthless to the extent I used to think about myself, …

        Thank you so much… Your comments are like therapy & blessings . 🙂 🙂
        God may bless you from all possible dimensions !!! Will pray for you !!

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      5. Keep up the high spirit my dear friend. You’ve faced a lot of difficulties only to grow stronger also never lose hope. 🙂
        May your journey on WP give you love, respect and support. Stay blessed!
        Best wishes from me,
        Happy Blogging! 🙂

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      6. Honestly, I feel blessed to be surrounded by beautiful souls.
        I consider each and every comment as a blessing…
        I have nothing to say except a big thank you from the core, 🙂
        May god bless you 🙂

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