Sources Of Happiness !!!

46 thoughts on “Sources Of Happiness !!!”

  1. I love your lessons. I too, wish my ex loves well, and can say I still love them. Why carry hate and anger in your heart? Like you, I find it easier to just continue to love, but the love is evolved, and changed. It’s still there though. thanks for this. You articulated it well.

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  2. Endured pain after getting rejected?
    Seriously step in to the world dude, come out of your fantasies.
    Main jab bhi tumhe dekhta hoon, sirf hawai killey banate dikhte ho bandhu.


      1. Ab batane ke liye bhi sochana padhega ki kitna acceptability hogi..
        One thing I would like to tell you with all my humility that, pls consider me the most stupid person …

        That will help both of us. …

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      2. And we also tend to generalize things… There is nothing wrong in it..
        but we must respect other’s situations before we draw conclusions… Which is the most easy job..

        Pls tc .
        And thank you for sharing your experience.. Loads of respect for your thoughts..
        God bless..


  3. Very true…
    I actually found my self, or a part of myself which I never knew before…
    Am very happy and thankful to whatever happened…
    Thank you so much for this few lines…it means a lot…. πŸ™‚


  4. It is amazing and cosmic as to how people reach our lives and have the greatest impact on them with just their lovely presence! Beautiful post…Pst..I still don’t believe in love!

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    1. This is the greatest truth, always the opposite s what is true, !!!
      An atheist is actually the most spiritual person… One who doesn’t believe in trust is the one who know what is l it means to trust… πŸ™‚

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      1. Very well put! But I still can’t understand it for I have never felt it!! I am like Aamir khan in dil chahta hai
        “Jaane kyu log pyar karte he”…Probably it’s just not the time yet:)

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    1. Thank you so much..
      This is exactly I am going through…. It feels so good when honesty is appreciated…. Thank you so much.
      Moving on to another would be an easy option, I failed in that. So I started channeling the same live in different way…

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