Sources Of Happiness !!!

Hello everyone!!

I don’t know how to start my post and every time I stumble here at this point.
But I know that making mistakes, and falling here would just remind me one line which would encourage me to carry on is that, ” I have fallen in a good, and amazing company ”Β  πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

There is always a scope to learn and this desire has no expiry date unless we set it for ourselves!!

So what have I learned in the last few weeks… well loads of things… Apart from learning a new language, I started learning the art of appreciating things, and which will help me to know the real meaning of success !!!

Couple of years back I never used to believe in love…because of the experience… (Not mine), I saw my friends having affairs and then the break ups followed by another affair… They call it moving on. !!!

Later, when I fallen in love.. I couldn’t express how I felt for the first time when I realized that the feeling is not only about admiration.. I was restless, I wanted to tell her… !!Β 

Unfortunately, I couldn’t, and later I got rejected !!!! Friends encouraged me to move on !! But like a stupid stubborn guy, I kept on my hope.. I was broken to an extent which I never thought of before..Β  With time, I endured the pain to an extent, started praying to god… And guess what,Β  it worked out.. !!!

Not that she came back, but when I pray for her success and health, it gives me a kind of happiness… It may sound stupid but trust me, it worked for me like anything. It brought back smiles on my face…

I learned that, if I want love I have to give first… I got some from these kids, I spend few hours with them every weekend and what I get is priceless… Wish she could see this…


We had a great Sunday with some creative works and they did it with love…


This kid gave me this picture when he saw me crying today… I was crying because I felt so helpless.. !! When I compared my pain with the pain they carry with themselves,Β  I felt something, which I cannot express in words… It’s a blend of many emotions..Β 


This is my second experience :-

It is true that relationships are not forced or imposed upon somebody but this lady took the initiative and started calling me at a regular interval, she says that I am just like her son .. I am grateful to Aditya and his mom… for this unconditional support and love… Because I have not expected so much…. !! This is another personal experience which taught me something very basic.. It taught me the importance of unconditional love and held me strong when I was almost crumbled!!!


This is an experience which is worthy enough tho share .Though it’s again a personal experience but the message that I want to convey through theseΒ  cannot be confined to myself because it has value for everyone… It is worth appreciating and will generate hope in our lives..

This is Aishwarya, one of my university friends and her father, she is currently a civil judge in Himachal Pradesh. I want thank her for the wishes and blessings she forwarded on this father’s day.. Thank you !!!Β 

There will beΒ  people who would always be there for us and often we either take them for granted or we tend to overlook them. I never thought of Aditya and Aishwarya and their parents to be so kind to me, especially when I was of the belief that I was just another friend from the same law graduation batch !!


Isha , as always , thank you for this funny and lovely texts !!! Study hard for your judiciary… God bless !!!


This is the last lesson that I would love to share. This is the sketch made my one of my friend’s mother and she sent this to me, especially after my failure in the UPSCΒ  final merit list.. She said that, “it’s just not the time to wait for success, instead it’s the time to snatch it..” I was literally into tears when I got these messeges… I found myself to be worthy again…

Life is a phase where it is very important to be with the loved ones to be with people who are genuine.. & are there to give unconditional love and support !!


Thank you Kamayani and the lovely painter !! Thank you so much ..

They made me realize that, moving on is just not the solution .. If you love someone with full honesty , then there is nothing to be worried about.. Everything else is and will be taken care of by the almighty…

Only one pre requisite is to be fulfilled, and that is, never compromise with your truths, beyond money, career, fame, power and everything else, what makes a life great is the character that we will carry.. Be loyal to what you love, be grateful to the people you have in life and rest will be taken care of…

I still pray for her success and health..
and I will continue to do so..Β  It gives me peace and happiness.. It rejuvenates all the memories that I have treasured…

Thank you everyone for reading it.. This may seem to be a personal thanks giving letter but certainly it had many other aspects to it which I thought of sharing with you all…

Loads of love and respect for her
Beparvah !!


46 thoughts on “Sources Of Happiness !!!”

  1. I love your lessons. I too, wish my ex loves well, and can say I still love them. Why carry hate and anger in your heart? Like you, I find it easier to just continue to love, but the love is evolved, and changed. It’s still there though. thanks for this. You articulated it well.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Endured pain after getting rejected?
    Seriously step in to the world dude, come out of your fantasies.
    Main jab bhi tumhe dekhta hoon, sirf hawai killey banate dikhte ho bandhu.


      1. Ab batane ke liye bhi sochana padhega ki kitna acceptability hogi..
        One thing I would like to tell you with all my humility that, pls consider me the most stupid person …

        That will help both of us. …

        Liked by 1 person

      2. And we also tend to generalize things… There is nothing wrong in it..
        but we must respect other’s situations before we draw conclusions… Which is the most easy job..

        Pls tc .
        And thank you for sharing your experience.. Loads of respect for your thoughts..
        God bless..


  3. Very true…
    I actually found my self, or a part of myself which I never knew before…
    Am very happy and thankful to whatever happened…
    Thank you so much for this few lines…it means a lot…. πŸ™‚


  4. It is amazing and cosmic as to how people reach our lives and have the greatest impact on them with just their lovely presence! Beautiful post…Pst..I still don’t believe in love!

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    1. This is the greatest truth, always the opposite s what is true, !!!
      An atheist is actually the most spiritual person… One who doesn’t believe in trust is the one who know what is l it means to trust… πŸ™‚

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      1. Very well put! But I still can’t understand it for I have never felt it!! I am like Aamir khan in dil chahta hai
        “Jaane kyu log pyar karte he”…Probably it’s just not the time yet:)

        Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much..
      This is exactly I am going through…. It feels so good when honesty is appreciated…. Thank you so much.
      Moving on to another would be an easy option, I failed in that. So I started channeling the same live in different way…

      Liked by 1 person

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