Remembering The Day!! 

Hello everyone,

I am going to post a small incident from a  story, an incident worth remembering.

Its a story of a guy who used to  carry ideas and dreams but today, he is guilty of murder. Yes, murder, what we call technically as homicide.. He destroyed the most precious possession of his life, although he could have saved it but his priorities had changed in course of time.

He was branded as a traitor; labelled as a manipulator, yet he continued to remain silent to such criticisms, because he knew his truths.. He thus followed his heart. 

He was called as the most hypocrite guy because he gave importance to her more than himself.. He was termed as an obstinate creature… An infectious guy..

He was named and renamed; classified and reclassified, and finally he was summoned one night without any prior notice; as the decision was already taken, it was only about to be pronounced.. Hence, no requirement of any speaking order.. 

The punishment was that,  he was severed from his life, and happiness, he was trashed out… Well, he got what he did. His offense was not that small. He killed the most important possession of life called ‘Time’ and the reason being that he was in ‘love’ .

After months of the pronouncement of the judgment, he continued to fight, the fight with himself… he tried to forget all the memories… he tried everything that was possible but later he realized that there will always be something in life which are not meant to be ignored.. which are not meant to be deleted !!! 

Without wasting any further futile attempts, he made peace with this fact that despite the punishment given to him was not proportionate, he will have to adjust with the scars and the broken parts of his innocence  along with the love he carries, forever!!

Today, the second of July, he woke up and prayed to the almighty seeking just another day in which he could relive his first visit to a city church with her.. 

Yes, this day means a lot to him, it was the day when God witnessed his love and honesty for his girl. He prayed even then and the prayers are still on.. He just want another day from the almighty so that he can relive the memories.. so that he can pray for her..  

He was scared while seeking another day, because God has not been so generous to him, but he desperately wanted another day based on which he can live his entire life… 

He just want his love to win and sail through despite all the hardships…. With this note, he started his day, and all set to visit that church… The race with time is on !!!

Loads of love and respect for her..



37 thoughts on “Remembering The Day!! ”

    1. May be I am not able to make it clear… It’s my fault I presume.
      In this story, the guy relive his visit to the church with a friend with whom he feel in love… Not marriage .. It would have been more painful to be separated after marriage..

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      1. bro with 539 followers how can you say yourself new bloggers..please don’t make standard like this..after your standard …people would say..look at his hadn’t even born yet😀😀

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      2. Trust me ..
        I never thought of numbers , I thought about people behind these no. I have just completed one year, may be it’s long enough if may not be.. but trust me I focused on path directed by my heart…
        🙂 thank you

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      3. Yes we had a glorious past and fortunate enough to contribute to the national struggle..
        Even Gujarat is always remembered for giving babu to this country apart from other valuable things !!


  1. Hello! Hope u r doing gud.. disturbed u to say just visit my blog once may be u like to follow it😊 i ‘ll be very thankfull


  2. How I wish you have a sequel soon , he goes to church to relieve and while coming back God gift him love and happiness the one he is missing all his Life so divinely.. I am almost in tears .. Quite touching

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    1. I tried to express the exact feelings … Wish I could post the picture of that church.. But I take all care to hide all sorts of possible links which would led to identify my love… I respect her and love her so I just write whatever comes tho my mind about her straight from the heart, …

      I hope too.. Thank you so much… Pls do pray… Even if she ends up with another life partner she must always be happy .. I will ashtrays be happy with her memories 🙂 🙂 & manage to live my life 🙂 !!

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