Remembering The Day!! 

37 thoughts on “Remembering The Day!! ”

    1. May be I am not able to make it clear… It’s my fault I presume.
      In this story, the guy relive his visit to the church with a friend with whom he feel in love… Not marriage .. It would have been more painful to be separated after marriage..

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      1. bro with 539 followers how can you say yourself new bloggers..please don’t make standard like this..after your standard …people would say..look at his hadn’t even born yet😀😀

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      2. Trust me ..
        I never thought of numbers , I thought about people behind these no. I have just completed one year, may be it’s long enough if may not be.. but trust me I focused on path directed by my heart…
        🙂 thank you

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      3. Yes we had a glorious past and fortunate enough to contribute to the national struggle..
        Even Gujarat is always remembered for giving babu to this country apart from other valuable things !!


  1. Hello! Hope u r doing gud.. disturbed u to say just visit my blog once may be u like to follow it😊 i ‘ll be very thankfull


  2. How I wish you have a sequel soon , he goes to church to relieve and while coming back God gift him love and happiness the one he is missing all his Life so divinely.. I am almost in tears .. Quite touching

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    1. I tried to express the exact feelings … Wish I could post the picture of that church.. But I take all care to hide all sorts of possible links which would led to identify my love… I respect her and love her so I just write whatever comes tho my mind about her straight from the heart, …

      I hope too.. Thank you so much… Pls do pray… Even if she ends up with another life partner she must always be happy .. I will ashtrays be happy with her memories 🙂 🙂 & manage to live my life 🙂 !!

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