I Refuse To Be A Victim !! 

​Being a victim of my own success…

It’s really cool to win awards, trophies, medals but the value of all these exist only when you have a purpose behind winning it… Often, the purpose for me has been even bigger than any of these competitions of life per se !! 

The greatest secret of true success, and the ultimate source of true happiness is when a man/ woman who asks for no return, the perfectly unselfish person, is the most successful one.. But it is very painful to confess that we often fool ourselves by the material gains we possess and the reason lies somewhere in our inability to achieve that selfless state..and we often hide that in the garb of being pragmatic.. But it will fade soon.

Mark my words, we are what our thoughts and experience have made us; so take care about what you think, we just can’t percolate the past bitter experience to destroy our present… Words are secondary, thoughts live, they travel far with us.. 

Success creates divide because there is a dearth of meaningful and healthy competition..I believe the only toughest competition  exist when we compete with ourselves and appreciate our failure equally.. 

Chess and debates, my second love of life, first being . Well I wouldn’t repeat… as the entire blog is about her.. 

She always used to say that I am be a good manipulator, decent with my subjects and too bad when it comes to science and maths…   Her words had a deep impact on my soul. Her criticisms were like blessings in disguise.. She was a good friend who was able to say the truth blutly with an objective to help and not to criticize per se… 

Today, I want to share one of my recent victories over chess and debate at chess Club , Calcutta  IIM, Calcutta with her.   This one is not as big and great as she is.. But I would love to dedicate the same to her because I loved her madly and I believe that it happened because of whatever I have learned from he !!

There are billions of people in the world and in our limited life time, it’s not possible to meet and understand each of them; similar to the sources of knowledge, there are infinite books and the time is short indeed..  The secret is to take what is essential & live up to it !! We need to chose people in our lives, we need to prioritize… I did that too early !!

By the way  another achievement that I would like to share which is even bigger than the earlier trophy in all respect and that is,  sponsoring the first foreign trip for my father, after saving for months.

I could finally smile after I arranged a  7 day small trip to Thailand for my father. It feels so great when you arrange a first foreign trip for your parents… I hope he will like it !!  

This is nothing when I compare with what I got from my parents.. and it would be foolish on my part if I compare the same. But it reminded me something what my Maa used to tell me; she always believed that it was due to her prolonged illness,  they couldn’t make it to a trip abroad for more than a week.. She wanted him to visit places, and today she would be very happy..  

I was almost close to tears when I recall her face in the hospital . Wish I could arrange the same for my Maa as well.. But I believe that I am nor lucky enough to deserve their love equally.. Life happens! 

Loads of love and success to my love, Stay blessed, prayers and wishes are always there for you. My tears and emotions should not become an impediment for your success.. I have understood this fact. I will always be around  and pray. You are being missed terribly. 

Beparvah.. !


88 thoughts on “I Refuse To Be A Victim !! ”

  1. Cingratulations on your victory in chess and arrangement of trip to thailand for your dad. At this moment, your mok would be feeling proud of u and would be blessing u 🙂 . Keep it up!!! 💜😊

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  2. I have been trying to have my parents fly too, for many years now…especially since i have traveled domestic and international 53 times!
    Good luck with your Dad’s trip, feel for your family though.

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    1. Thank you so much, 🙂
      yes, you are absolutely correct when it comes to abroad especially when he will be visiting all alone with a small group .. Called the Doctor’s club 🙂
      Hopefully he will have his share of fun safely 🙂

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      1. I wonder how I became a blogger, how I end up reaching tho people with raw emotions… I guess, it’s because I am expressing what exactly life and gravity have taught me so far

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      2. Haha, how you became a blogger? Thank god you became one! There is lot to learn, lot to experience and you say life and gravity! I am not brave enough to write my life down, I write what happens in my mind! It’s a beautiful blogspace! Intending to spend some more time here:)

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      3. I came here in search of someone and ended up meeting so many amazing people… Life is a mystery worth solving… I had no idea about blogging and Wp a year ago… But it was the only place remained with me… So I chose to write..to save myself.. !!


  3. Congrats on your achievements and this is a beautiful post straight from heart,i like some of your precious words here like greatest success is when we want nothing in return and yes,your biggest happiness would be arranging trip to your father thats priceless.Blessings & wishes to brother!! Stay happy👌👌👍☺

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    1. Thank you so much brother, it really means a lot when honesty is appreciated… Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart..
      Yes, it would be his first trip .. Her is very excited to travel all alone

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  4. My pleasure,i read your post filled with all positivity of life certainly different.I feel glad to see this post as fulfilling parents wish is beyond explanation.Pleasure connecting you.👍🙌

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    1. Honestly, I am almost into tears…with this comment… Yes.. I understood it late but I didn’t want to lose the second Chance !

      Happy to be connected with you too… 🙂 🙂 :). Sorry, I know only this symbol…

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  5. Beparvah, this is profoundly moving, and deeply insightful.

    Of course success has many guises and manifestations of which not all are healthy, but the healthiest rests in the one that doesn’t set expectations over self or others where there could be no failings.

    Congrat’ on your win and the many achievements in your life. Most importantantly of all where you have acquired/developed a incredible humanity which seeps through your wisdom and emotion
    Ps I’ve been away, but I think I am back!? 

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    1. thank you so much, every comments of your is a blessing for me. I think one need to learn the basic tenets of an unconditional love, perhaps then he or she would be able to spread that message to every corner and field they are in !!

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      1. you’re sweet.
        how right you are, unconditional love would indeed dispell the pain in unrequited love, when nothing else would succeed accept for a slow death from pining for the beloved. lest we remember the power of unconditional love as remedy.

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      2. you know, i have thought something crazy, that is, i won’t log out my fb, whatsapp and wp account even after I die, only to give a little more time so that unrequited love can get its due and in this process i would be alive virtually for another few moments in this hope

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  6. Heartiest congratulationsssssssssss sir.. Glad I came over to read this 🙂

    and sponsoring for your Dad now that is AWESOME.. reminds me when my parents came first time to uk.. they were so thrilled to sit in the plane for the first time in life …


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    1. thank you so much, i must tell you that it means a lot when honesty is appreciated.. thank you so much ..

      yes, i wanted to see that charm on my father’s face after all the suffering since maa died.. thank you so much !!


  7. Sucha cute soul you are stay blessed and may you always stay close to your love , your priority, very few people value the priorities rest always take things and people granted. Congratulations for all the success and best wishes for the efforts made for your dad , always be the same way you are .

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    1. Firstly, I would like to say you a big thank you for the wonderful comment…. I took this as a blessing and strength…. I won’t leave my love be it unrequited…. because whenever I think about her, I smile, I gain confidence and strength… I will pray for her success and health forever… And for my dad… well I believe no one can repay parent’s contribution… I just tried all is to bring some smile on his face after the long silence he carries since my maa passed away.. And my victory in chess…. I was really happy & was even more happy when I dedicated the trophy!! 🙂
      Thank you so much for your appreciation 🙂 it feels great when honesty is appreciated 🙂 🙂

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      1. Your honesty is appreciated honestly, trust me all my words came straight from my heart I am not a splendid writer like you , but I know how it feels when we loose someone dear and yes parents debt is indebted and whatever we do for them is very little yet a person who is thinking for his parents with all devotion and dedication is also a very great Soul. Stay blessed and Happy .. May u find your love your way very soon .. If she is reading my comment I request her not to loose this divine love ..

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      2. I don’t know what to say.. I hope she read this soon… Thank you 🙂 I started this blog in search of her, to be near to her and in the last 13 months I found many nice souls… Thank you so much for being there.. Though we are not each others followers in wp bit we certainly read each other’s posts regularly so I pray to god that pls make her t read this. .. And if not then at least pls don’t make her realize this loss so that she can be happy forever… Losing me from her life should not remind her about her mistake or failure… That’s my only prayer to god!! She deserve loads of love and nothing else 🙂 thank you once again from the bottom of my heart !!


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