Life In The Language Of Quotations !! 

Hello everyone,  

I’m extremely happy to take this opportunity given by one of my blogger friends special teen, with respect to the three days quote challenge… 

But due to the extreme paucity of time, I would like to tweak the rules a instead of giving three quotes for three days ..I would be giving nine quotes and nominate nine bloggers at one go….

Starting of with this as she used to love such pictures though I am not even near to her standard of creativity… …I  just did it in her memory.. As I miss her terribly !!

Anyways, quotations often expresses human emotions and we love to relate them in our respective interpretations because it helps us to keep motivated. 

People very often associate themselves with various kind of quotations depending upon their mood and experiences.

Which brings me to the fact that motivations do play an important role in our lives because we all go through some sort of tough phases in life, we all feel confused at some point in life, we get scared of taking decisions and choosing people in our life… and finally, we are very much conscious of the word failure and try practically everything to avoid such experiences in our lives..

Well, I would like to start with my favorite line that, It takes practically nothing to be a part of the crowd & it takes Everything to stand alone and walk through the path that leads to our goal in life with a greater purpose !! 

The human life is a sheer gift and it is worthy only if it could be useful to others. The inquisitive character helps us to make life much more meaningful. It helps us to learn the art of questioning !! 

The power of observation, the art of finding the difference between luxury and necessity, the realization of the kind of differences our society possess, can surely enhance our thinking capacity and also maintains the humane character within us despite all adversities in the form of cut throat success & unlimited growth… 

With every word in this, he explained the various kinds of human emotion in a time frame and also the time that is required to appteciate human emotion. Respecting others emotions will always carry some positive points with us..and being indifferent is the easiest way to handle the same..

This often used to keep me strong and motivated every time I face a challenge, and trust me it has helped me to conquer most of my hurdles so far!! 

This is very true.. This idea of giving love is the best way to enrich our lives.. It doesn’t really matter whether you get love in return but certainly it’s the best way to live… 

This is the most important quote especially for those who often neglect their inner strength and weakness and instead pays more attention to all sorts of extraneous elements believing to be the best possible alternative for them…

This is what I truely felt. It classifies people into two, one who keeps some space always for new people and new ideas and simultaneously trashes out he unwanted ones and the other ones will be those who keeps their memories lively all throughout their life…  It is painful if thess two categories of people associate themselves with each other… 

People often fall in love but when they are betrayed them start criticizing about their loved ones and breed the seeds of hatred within themselves…. and often it helps in moving on in life… because that has always been an option open for them.

I would differ to it, and would like to say that if you love someone, then love till the end.. No matter he/she leaves you in between, it’s their choice… and they will have number of excuses may be saying that there is an understandibility issue, may be they are in a relationship or many other things but the actual reason is that they need space and distance for a time period… May be they are scared of commitment…or some reason which they are not able to yell out…  So don’t judge the person just because they abandoned you… Keep loving them, respect their decision because they are the one whom we initially loved… 

I still love my girl with all emotions and feelings, respect her a lot despite of the fact that I don’t exist for her at all.. But her decision should not influence mine.. I really don’t miss her any more… Except when I eat roti rolls, when I listen to her favorite songs, read her favorite books, smile on her said jokes , listening to her voice,  reading her old texts.. and while praying before the almighty for her health and success… That’s it !! I bloom from within..

This is something which is so close to my heart… I think its because of this quote, at 26 I still play cricket when I find some time, I still spend time to play computer games with my nephew, and this gave me the courage to start learning a new and different language, & encourages me to continue my matial arts seasoning despite all time constraints…

Always shed your ego if you want to carry true love for someone… because ego will give you nothing apart from hatred… Love will give you hope to live further for some reason…!! I chose to shed all my ego and bows down to my love… My  queen !!! 

This is something what I initially didn’t believed but after listening so much from her and her interest, I started reading something about it.. When I read this, my ideas changed, I wish I could have one… But in services it is difficult to have one but would support it from the point of view of expression of art. Only the safety measures are to be  taken care of, that’s it !! The purpose of this quote is to support the free flow of expressions which should not be suppressed in the name of cultural acceptability!!

Thus, ending my quotes here without adding further lines!!  My nominations would be….
1. Izza Ifzal

2. Isra 7726


4. Maniparna Sengupta Majumder

5. Somali k Chakrabarti

6. Nitin

7. Broadblogs

8. Nisha

9. Shreya Kedia

With loads of love and respect Beparvah!! 


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