A Relationship Beyond Limits!!!

30 thoughts on “A Relationship Beyond Limits!!!”

  1. Nothing can beat the power of a woman,you defined it deeply.I enjoyed reading all that went with your life and I am quite happy about it.Wish you all the good luck for the love of your life.

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    1. Thank you so very much !!
      It means a lot to me when I feel that my words have reached to someone… deep inside. Power of a woman is unfathomable and they can generate power into others as well… And thank you for your wishes , hopefully she will understand one day !!

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  2. I feel proud when boys understand the pain of women and I am glad that they are expressing it through their blogs.Also, pain doesn’t acknowledge gender and is equally painful for both the genders.The only difference is how we deal with it! Some shatter beneath its burden while some handle the pressure and come out as diamonds!

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    1. I understand because i feel their absence..
      yes the approach to deal with pain is different.. and perhaps that makes both the gender to be interdependent for their respective happiness .. Wish i could express my love to her.. but don’t know why i feel that one day we would face each other again,, and i would be able to see respect in her eyes !!

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  3. Chandrajit this post came after a long gap but you have filled all gaps in such a beautiful expression of words….Thank you for acknowledging me in the post…
    The importance of women in our life cannot be overemphasises..from our birth to during our journey they become a powerful force to shape our action and even destiny…
    I hope your love reads this post and feel the emotions you have expressed….

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