A Letter To My Love !!

34 thoughts on “A Letter To My Love !!”

    1. I have no words!!
      Thank you .. I also hope the same .. because its really getting too hard to overcome .. and also to hide.. Though I’m not as to when she would understand.. but something from within help[s me to believe that things will be okay and she will understand someday !! I will wait for that awesome day to come in my life !!

      Thank you for the wishes and prayers , they are most precious to me !! 🙂 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much , it means everything to me..
      I sincerely pray that.. because I miss her like anything!! breathing has become a burden at times when tears decides not to stop … and this happens more often , Your prayer might work .. pls do pray .. i won’t be able to afford to live without her !!


      1. This comment has made my day… gave me a reason to cling with the hope that I have been carrying since past 14 months.. May this prayer also comes true !!

        Thank toy so much !! I mean it !!


      1. either it will have a happy ending or it might not end.. seldom seen people waiting for someone throughout life in my circle.. But I would have no regrets if I have to wait forever.. May be it’s stupid.. may be she will move on.. but I won’t be able to !!


  1. Hello there Beparvah…how beautiful the movement of emotion, the moments of pain, the realisation in hope and ‘unbounded’ outward pouring of expression – no walls needed there!….i was thinking that the red prose might convey love that is void in presentism, and the love entangled wounds, which were so prematurely ripped apart from that which you’d once experienced, and the longing that rests in its memory that is pulsating and alive… Ps. the photo in the uniform (or it looks as if that could be the case) is beautiful, as the rest are. I’m sure you’re having fun with your new camera.

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    1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.. yes.. it feels amazing in uniform …
      Its really painful to sustain in such situations.. but I will try to survive with a never ending hope to see her smile .. and the respect in her eyes !!

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    1. Is is painful, but not injurious.. it is soulful because it is selfless.. it believes in sacrifice and faith.. not only in words but in action .
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts 🙂

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