Ups & Down.. This Is Life!!!

Hello everyone…

In this post I would like to express the reality and the life changing experiences that we all face and which often have deep connections with our emotional character and personality !!

Starting from the point where I understood this magic that we all possess .. Initially being dropped from the final list by 7 marks I was shattered and even wrote a post on that “celebrating failure “

Though later on I could trace my name in the second list of UPSC reserved list but I have been struggling a lot since 22 of August to mark my presence among the crowd… I have tried hard to mark my presence among the other OTs and to fight the class consciousness here in the academy ..but I failed initially.. so I adopted a plan and that is to start learning the rules of the game I was in..

Thanks to almighty for the opportunities especially the legal & the parliamentary debates organized by G.D.Goenka ..that took place last to last week in Mussoorie, and with god’s grace and blessings from the loved ones I got few trophies… for being the best witt in PDs…

And the debate organized by Manthan… in Delhi at Indian Habitat Centre… which gave my confidence back.. after my name was announced as the best speaker..

I couldn’t restrict myself to kiss my first trophy as an OT… though thanks to Harsh Agarwal and Henaz for some other pics. which are quite sane than the other ones which I deliberately not used in this post..

During my short stay in Delhi I met an old friend Fateh, he is a CA and working in a PSU, he is a wonderful friend of mine.. our friendship is growing with time and space ; I hope this comes true when it comes to the one whom I loved the most.

We met at the CP, New Delhi and spent an evening together which was truly amazing…

While returning from Delhi..I was reading a newspaper wherein I read the news about the water sharing dispute between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu…

After reading this news. I got so disturbed that all my joy and happiness went off… reality came in between.. Being in the police service I immediately contacted the officials to know about the actual happenings…  Some of my dearest friends stays in the Bangalore city and works in many IT sectors… and this news was sufficient for me to be worried..

I would just like to say through this platform to those who lives in Bangalore and places in TN, away from their families, to be very very careful.. follow the instructions given by the respective state police especially in areas of curfew.. and places where section 144 of Cr.P.C. is applied… under 144 please keep this in mind that you can be booked even for doing nothing if you are a part of a group of 5 or more.. and found in the areas of section 144.

I will be praying with all my  heart and soul for the safety of my dearest friends in particular and people from both the states in general…

traped in memories

I believe life is full of these ups and downs. It is often wrapped in memories but many things can be gathered .. The fun is to understand and finish the game by taking calculated risks and prepare yourself to win..

Finally, it’s my humble request to please take care of yourselves.. and be hundred percent aware all the time.. which can save you from the unforeseen violence..

All my wishes and prayers…

Loads of love and respect for her …                                                                                               beparvah !!


25 thoughts on “Ups & Down.. This Is Life!!!”

    1. Thank you so much.. as I always say that’s it’s really awesome to share success with people around or else it had no value… you remind me of the same every time.. I often relate with issues people are facing and that makes me think about the relevance of my success which had so far not contributed anything to these issues… Hopefully it will..
      Thank you once again!! 🙂

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  1. Woiw..the glistening trophy is like the oscar and I feel you walked the red carpet! Hearty congratulations and may you be blessed with more glories..
    The irony about section 144 being imposed in Bangalore is that we are working ..the schools, colleges everything, while some chose to remain closed on their own accord, if such a curfew is imposed, the least a Govt can do is ensure safety and security for its citizens and properties!

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    1. Yeah they were really big in size .. But will try to make them worthy enough so that it may contribute to the society at large …
      Thank you so very much for encouraging and motivating.
      Thank you:)

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    1. Thank you so much for this comment.. & appreciation.. we all are gifted.. time, space and often experiences brings them into light..

      Visiting your blog and reading the posts was a delight.. oft was completely my pleasure..

      Stay safe and blessed.. 🙂 🙂


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