Truths Behind The Celebrations and Awards Part II (Cont.) !!

Starting this post with these lines not to earn some grey points.. sharing this because this is what life has taught me about myself also about others !!

By settling for less,  we actually tend to lose more in the long run….. With time I have realized that all the decisions that I took,  for which I used to be so proud of, do not make sense to me any more when I confront them today. Is this is called life? 

Which brings me to the question that, Can there be any knowledge without a humble awareness of ignorance.. ?  The worth of knowledge lies not only in the information that we receive  or in the experiences that we gather but also in the fair good idea of what we don’t know This makes all the difference !!

When every moment of life becomes a learning experience then it becomes really difficult to pick up one single moment out of the lot. Life has been a rollercoaster ride in the past few months but I guess meeting the honourable PM was the best part so far..

I wanted to share this with  few friends of mine and to the love of my life.. but I didn’t inform anyone about it until I got a text from Fatima.. who encouraged me to write this blog post. Fatima is one of my university friends .. a research scholar in Tufts. Before I inform her about it ..she texted me to share her updates..

The last telephonic call I received from her as I remember , when she was on her second year of policy studies.. she called me to discuss about which stream she should look forward to and after a long long discussion we  finally decided to go for environmental governance and the economic policy studies and research..

She always used to say that I shouldn’t waste my time here in public service, instead I should join Tufts.. along with her but I, wanted to study for public services.. The interesting part was that we both were happy even then and now.. we both were happy for each other !!

Few days back she texted my saying that she is going to be an observer in the CoP 22 and Tufts has selected her.. I was so happy to know that.. We both realized that how important it is to be fit in and in a particular way where we are able to understand what is going to be the place for us in the years to come.. this comes not only from knowledge but also from the understanding of our ignorance!!

She was very excited but not as much as I was for her.. specially when you are a part of the research team that presented the paper & participated as an observer representing South Asia !!

All the participating nations and their respective flags.. it was awesome to witness and be a part of it.. !!!

This was the picture she gave me and after receiving it I was literally into tears and I realized that how it feels to be a part of someone’s happiness , how it feels contribute to someone’s success!! This is what life is about.. it’s the only purpose of life.. Life is to contribute something to other’s life.. that’s the utility of life.. living for ourselves, is the worst part.. all the success becomes worthless unless it had a utility at large..

Now coming to the fourth part in continuation from the last post of mine which is going to be about public speaking and debating.. out of my own experiences!! 

I have been a debater since my university days.. with all my moot courts &  regular debates.. I was also the convener of our Debate and Discussion Committee..

  • I used to love debate and the best part to win any debate is to understand the opposition rather than the topic itself. Understanding the potential of your opponent will make you win. Topic will vary but not the debater’s innate style.. catch that and you are half there near the victory line..
  • Understanding the issue is absolutely important especially the weaker points.. Always keep ready to make fun of of your own arguments, and don’t run away with the gray areas.. instead highlight it.. which will make the opponent confuse..
  • Every argument must be honest.. there should not be any false statement because truth will always win.. no matter how … So never compromise with your truthfulness!!!
  • Read , read, read and re read the topic and the nuances about it and just before the debate, try to find out some secluded place where you can shout loud.. but covering your mouth with handkerchief.. use the wash room before you enter the room..
  • Clarity of thought is another extremely important aspect.. good or bad.. doesn’t matter, but one should have a clarity of thought so that to drive the debate till the end..
  • Accept the arguments of your opponent which you think are to be true.. be calm and don’t try to bully or to be harsh on your opponent.. respect the opponent is another key..
  • Set small targets but have a big goal .. to win you don’t have to demolish targets .. Often you might come across people saying that set targets and demolish them.. I would say that it’s better to construct than to destroy.. because it will help you to generate positivity and save you from the idea that you have to win at any cost!! At times losing is important too.. be fearless and open to criticism.

I could have written many conventional things but those you can get to know from You Tube videos.. so I thought of giving out some steps that I always take while debating.

Coming to the last part which  I would love to dedicate to the girl I loved the most in my life!! 

Like many of us, she also wanted to become a writer, she also wanted to publish at least one book, no matter how it turn out to be. Commercial success was not the criteria ever and that makes her special. She just wanted to write and get it published !!!   

I saw that pure insanity in her, I saw the dream in her eyes and also the fear that if things doesn’t turn out well. I just wanted to help her in this journey but I don’t know how to because I have no information and experience in the field of publishing books especially when I came to know about it.. but no matter what, I just wanted to help.. because I wanted to see her fulfilling her dreams.

Those were the days when both of us were in talking terms.. we used to discuss a lot about things around but unfortunately things have changed so as the time … it’s been one and a half year by now that I haven’t exchanged a single word and with time.

I always knew what loss is. I knew how it feels when dreams doesn’t become reality..  I know all of that pain but I don’t want her to go through that pain.. I wanted to do something about it.. I know she is a fighter, she will fight hard and won’t need anybody’s help.. but I would be happy if I could do something ..

And one day I got some news about a new publishing house looking for short stories and I got excited .. so I shared the same information with her friend so that she get to know about it and utilize the information so that something turn out well. !!

I have made peace with the fact that I need to let her go because of two reasons.. one is that I loved her and I will always do with all my honesty.. and secondly that,  this is precisely what she wanted from me, this is what she meant by time and space” .

I failed to let her go but at the same time I have started living together with all her memories. I pray regularly for her to the almighty with no expectation because I believe that all human beings fall in love once in their life time.. and in my case all I need to do, is just to  go on and live my love story..

This was something that came before me while reading newspaper recently and the moment I read it I thought of sharing this with her. May be it will help her out and many others who want to publish their own book. It’s an initiative by  govt of India and would give a  platform to start and a great opportunity for budding writers in varies Indian languages !!


I don’t have any other way to bring this to her notice or to communicate this to her.. and I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself and regret for life thinking that, had I shared this information with her then something might have turned out well. At the same time I believe each and everyone would be benefited who are interested in getting their first book published by NBT.

Loads of love and respect for her
Beparvah !!

P.S. I will be soon posting another post separately for another nomination for the award Real Neat Blogger Award.. My sincere apology to PoojaG for being so late and thank you for that nomination!!

The fourth part is dedicated to kratz.. a blogger friend who wanted me to write about it.. sorry for the delay.. I am failing to keep my time ..


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    1. Thank you..
      It gives a sense of satisfaction,
      It gives an idea about what is the purpose of life after all… it’s all about contributing into others life..

      We certainly rise by lifting and giving love to others , especially to those who wouldn’t be able return !!

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