When Love Becomes Divine !!

Life is great when it surprises you every time, it becomes even more interesting when we start living in moments.. because then we actually value our time. We start investing time on us so as to improve ourselves continuously.. We learn so much about capitalism, socialism, feminism , humanism and many other “isms” but what life taught me is to “Avoid superlatives, just being fair and reasonable life can be simple and prosperous “

In this world, anything you say or write, the response would be with a kind of provocation..or people may simply judge you, but stay calm because we know ourselves better than anyone else.. We should not lose our own identity in this rat race.. Ask people as to what is this new style of conversation.. because this might be a different expression of love.. 

Trust your love, your first love!!  Often I have heard that “first love is never meant to be”. No matter how bad it hurts but you got to accept it!! People may say that “it is probably for the best”.. Well I dare to challenge it because losing your love cannot be the best choice and “first love” excuse me !! How many times we fall in romantic love ??  I believe that we fall in love only once in our life time .. rest is only for convenience because its really difficult to live all your life with an unrequited love.


With time the insecurity grows and we tend to think about our own desires too and in this process we move on !!!  This is what my understanding has been.. Hence, I prepared my mind to live all my life with my unrequited love.. It doesn’t make be embarrass at all to accept this fact because I know honesty will prevail and surpass all this distances  some day !!!

If you are somebody’s first love then don’t lose that  !! It is often said that “Every person who is loved by their first love are actually unlucky because they miss one of the beautiful feelings of life”. All these things constantly hit my mind and body so much so that things have become very evident through all my actions and performances; be it the academics, policing or in the Sangam meet( a sports meet). But no matter what, unrequited love is the only kind of love that lasts..


It is true that it hurts to watch them slowly distance themselves, to slowly fade away..to become strangers with memories.. but have faith in your honesty, in your love..  In this context few lines that I would like to share here …

A wish may take a life time

to make its own impact.

so don’t lose hope

I may live long enough for

the love to become a fact !

Admitted, that you will not

neglect to respond to my requests,

but I may turn to dust before you

hear and react !!

Life’s deadlock who can break

other than death, because even a candle burns

night till dawn in its every

hue and aspects!!!

It is true that when flesh is all burnt, heart must have burnt as well, I will accept this pain because it is nothing when I compare it with a situation where my love would be in search for my heart someday, in the ashes and that would be an exercise in frustration.. which I cannot allow.. Hence, I will  perish silently with time  waiting for my love to respond !!

P.S.  A note while moving traveling from Mussoorie to Hyderabad … Hectic schedule so an honest apology for being late in writing the post about the wonderful nominations I got from two wonderful blogger friends of mine !! 


17 thoughts on “When Love Becomes Divine !!”

    1. Thank you so very much !!
      I just wrote what came to my mind that day ..the day when I saw my tears rolling down my cheek in front of my colleagues ..
      I never imagined it to be , perhaps love and literature have played their respective roles in a perfect proportion 🙂


  1. I was nodding my head all the time reading it in affirmation 🙂 It’s always a wonderful feeling to meet people who are brave and courageous and say what needs to be said, not what others want to hear.
    P.S – I love your pen name – Beparwah 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much… it really means a lot to me because seldom honesty is appreciated.. what you said was absolutely correct about the fact that courage comes from honesty.. and I feel that if heart poses honest intentions then words comes out automatically..

      I sincerely want to thank you from my heart for acknowledging my thoughts..

      Thank you for your love 🙂 Beparvah was something that I used often since university days but in English version of it i.e. “nemo”. 🙂

      Nice to meet you here in WordPress
      Pls tc and may good bless you !! 🙂 🙂


      1. If move on is for creating a space for another person then I will not because I believe that it would be a betrayal…. how can someone betray his or her own feelings if they ever had one…

        But if moving on means, the growth in professional career then I believe it’s important…
        Thank you for understanding !!

        Liked by 1 person

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