Hold On..Pain Ends..!!

Life is a gift, it’s a perfect combination of various elements and it all begins from a single cell.

We know how priceless life is .. We cannot even think of exchanging it with anything materially whatsoever. In that sense we all can consider ourselves as billionaires if not more…

When the universe was created, loads of energies were released which eventually lead to the formation of mass.. and out of a tedious process life was created,  so it has the potential and ability to face grave challenges and difficulties which in ordinary situation or circumstances seems impossible…. 

In this new year I wanted to inculcate hope for those who do not have one, so that they can learn how to dream which is perhaps the beginning of a prospective life !! 

During our course of training, we were asked to visit many gram panchayats, village schools etc.. met a lot of people, felt their greatness and love.. I was close to tears whenever I met a child … I would love to share few experiences that I have gathered so that people can once  again start believing in the brighter side of life…

Our journey begins when we were invited as guests in a village school functions during the Christmas… I along with Artika,  Harsh, Harsh Vardhan and Ansar Sheik and Radhika ( they all are my colleagues) reached there on time. When we reached there, I was mesmerized with the purity of joy and smile that was visible in their eyes, the positive energy they were creating .. I really felt how much we need to learn from them.. 

Please look at the boy standing at the back and dancing from the extreme right second row. 

We are always so conscious about our appearance and our looks, about how people will react..We often think so many things  before posting a picture in facebook where most of the people are actually unknown… 

And here is this small kid who was dancing  perhaps with more energy than the rest of the kids. yes! The one who was not having one hand and having two fingers on the other hand.. He was not caring about his serious disability but dancing with full energy.. and spreading the positive vibes without any complains

It was the song from the bollywood film “Ramleela”and the song was ” ram ji ki chal dekho” .. I felt so so small before him that after the performance I went up to him and took his first autograph..  A thumb impression on my note pad..

The second experience I gained when we were visiting public schools and having mid day meals in different schools , few months back. I realized the actual pain the hardships which we “the privileged class” cannot even think.. 

I met this boy called Mishthu in Kanpur. He works in a leather factory.. He is least bothered about where the capital of India is, neither he knows about basics of maths or language.. he can’t even read or write.. but he knows few very crucial and important virtues of life. 

Thanks to Artika, she was the one who actually discovered his virtues when she interacted with him for more than fifteen minutes. While interacting he said that he loves “jalebi” an Indian sweet.. then he said that he purchases jalebi every weekend. Fortunately the day when we met him was a weekend and we saw him carrying the jalebi in his pocket.. when we followed him from a distance we saw that before eating it he was looking it so carefully that he is holding something precious.. the joy of holding that sweet was there in his eyes.. then he went to his place where he used to stay. A small plastic tent under the bridge where his sister was waiting for him.. they shared it .. they shared the happiness, pain and gained something which was priceless.. they were not complaining about their situation to God and looks as if they have forgiven the almighty!!! 

He may not have the basic academic qualification but he knows well that happiness is something which is to be shared with our loved ones.. he knew about his responsibilities.. 

When we saw that, we couldn’t control ourselves and hugged them.. we realized how brave heart they were.. we realized where the beauty of life lies… Then we purchased some chocolates , food items and warm clothes for them which they accepted gracefully.. 

Later, both of us realized that we can give nothing more as compared to what they already have… 

Then comes our Bananas visit, we went to various public distribution system shops through which government provides subsidized food.. while roaming there, I stopped at a small store house which was locked.. out of nothing , I asked them to open it.. one of the official said that it’s a store house of potatoes.. on hearing that, I insisted them to open it and when they opened it.. it was almost empty room .. but we also found two girls there lying unconscious.. Trust me, I was shocked !!! 

I enquired about them from the villagers and later from the police I got the information that they were been missing since last two weeks and they showed me the missing FIR lodged by their parents..

This was one dark picture that I saw.. both of them were admitted immediately to the local primary health centre. 

Though I wanted to wait till they gain their consciousness but we didn’t had the time with us… later, after five days I got a call from the police and got confirmed by the doctors that both of them were recovered partially because they were still under extreme trauma.. at the same time they assured me that they are hopeful about their quick recovery..

Final incident that happened last week.. Just before the new year we got our first drill into the dense forest of Manipur.. It was actually an experience worth sharing especially when a group of 15 men including me encountered the naga rebels from a distance of around 100 -135 mts. 

It was a zero prone zone where we were not supposed to make the sound of our boots.. it was terrifying an experience as they were carrying their ammunitions …. we literally felt the silence of death that evening for about sixteen minutes..

Thanks to Shashank and Harsh for clicking this one.. I really got to know how do I look like when I approach a death like situation… 

From the jungles of Manipur I got the news that my only elder sister got very serious due to her respiratory issues… but I somehow got a strength to carry out the drill.
I believe the more I face such situations the more I get used to it.. In the entire journey into the dense forest I realised  all my strengths & weaknesses, I realized the sound of silence.The sole and supreme aim of life..

This was something that I wrote while resting inside the tent after we reached our post. I was carrying my love along with me. And audio the easy plugs sheer hand once upon a time . 

I believe it was all about the strength of the unconditional and divine love that carry for her.. which helped me to sail through my first drill.. my prayers are always with her !!

After I gained some amazing lessons and experiences I got a feeling that my country has all the potentials of becoming a great nation…

But when I received the news about how my country celebrated new years eve… especially in the electric city of Bangalore… I felt ashamed of being a part of the so called well educated hypocrites..a young crowd with a high salary jobs and carrying some ideals like individualism, liberty, equality etc etc and etc…  I sensed the disparity, hypocrisy and apathy at the same time..

I know that my post will not be liked by many but I chose to be like that boy who was bold enough to come out on the stage without caring about what people would think about his disabilities because he knew that what he was doing was correct..  The naked celebration of our people and the poor handing of the government said a lot about our future.

A simple analysis of the interlinking of polity, economy and family(social base). How we all are responsible in what we all are facing?
This transition stage is crucial because we must understand the base where we stand before adapting different philosophies. 

A country where only 4.5 % are graduates irrespective of the quality.. and adapting to ideas which demands a depth of basic knowledge.. It’s just not leading to a better place but hell…. 

Mutual respect of different cultures is what is required and not to adapt them without a base…  It’s always easy to learn new things but it’s difficult to unlearn wrong things… 

Reading loads of books is crucial aspect of growth but adopting them is a different thing altogether…   

Many of us take resolutions… many of us promises to start afresh their struggle to get out of their mess they believe they are in but if we think logically… then ask yourselves that Do we actually need to wait for 31st of Dec to come before we take a major step on our life??  

Let’s celebrate every day as a new hope, that will help us in understanding the worth of celebration rather that going for booze party… because that will end up with another set of resolutions for the coming year..  

Let’s change ourselves first, let’s allow love, humility and forgiveness to grow because hatred had no place here amongst us.. If we change ourselves -the society will change automatically .. 

Spread selfless love, smiles and pray that humanity must survive …  

Loads of love and respect for her Beparvah!! 


37 thoughts on “Hold On..Pain Ends..!!”

      1. Whatever I plan to do.. I believe that somehow it should be of some use to them because being a part of the privileged class I got all these opportunities…. trust me, when I got the call that those girls (whom we recovered from the store house) are recovering .. I felt the first sense satisfaction in this job

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    1. It’s my pleasure completely… I am grateful and thankful to my love, because without her ignorance and love, without her divine presence I wouldn’t have written all this. Even the experiences I wrote here seems unrelated to get but she once told me the values of these raw emotions which I could relate here… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
      May be I don’t know where she is but I know that her presence is very evident..

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I think I can understand your thoughts … Trust me, had I knew about the quantum of the pain , I might have not disclosed my love, at least I would have saved our friendship..
        I lost a dearest friends of mine.. I think it was my fault.. !!

        But I have no regret, in fact I am proud to have been carrying her love deep inside my soul and will always do !! πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I believe we are in a same pedestal now, but I can assure you that both of us will cherish whatever we have learned without any regrets !!

        It’s been 19 months since I have heard her voice. But I believe divinity will pay pay its role..

        I will pray for you from my heart and soul.. for your happiness and peace !! πŸ™‚
        I am thankful to be connected with you.. May God bless you forever !!! πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I believe every person who cross our path in life have some karmic connection with us and some of them are our soul mates too, they enter our life to teach some valuable lessons and when their divine work in our life is completed they again vanish.
        But souls are connected and we will again going to cross each other if not this then other lifetime…
        Thank You so much for your wishes. I too will pray for you, for me and everyone going through this phase…
        Stay connected!

        Liked by 2 people

      4. It’s one of the most practical, emotional and spiritual thought that you shared.. I really want to thank you for sharing your thoughts !!!

        The word ‘karmic’ relationship is something that is beyond normal relationships.. one had to bear the pain..

        Thank you so much for your warm wishes and prayers… and I mean every word of mine ! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  1. So, Chandrajit, this is one gem of a post. posts like these make wordpress a visit-worthy place. you are living life in its true sense. exploring, observing, experiencing and making efforts in your way to make a difference. I appreciate each points that you’ve covered in this post. I hope your sister is doing better by now, and I am also sure that your love (wherever she might be) must be finding herself protected by your warmth. true love is and will always be our guiding force. keep writing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have rarely read such a beautiful way of acknowledging fellow blogger.. my sister will be fine soon so is my dad.. God cannot be that ruthless…!! My love is protected and safe.. she has a beautiful soul which makes her presence so eternal.. I respect her a lot.. she taught me the path of success through all sorts of difficulty.. she is magic..!! She is everything and your words brought tears in my eyes when you say that my warmth will help her to feel protected.. my prayers and wishes are always there for her.. every prayers makes me feel connected to her soul… it’s a special combination of tears, trust, faith and selfless love…!! I hope someday that I loved her !!


  2. Wonderful experiences.i m glad dt u have shared ur alls experiences with all on blogsite.u r true dt happiness is hidden in small things and has preciious place in life who is a beautiful gift given by God.weldon dear.

    Liked by 1 person

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