The Post Truth Era!!

Post truth era .… relating to or denotes specific circumstances in which objective facts are less important or influential than appeals which are driven by sheer emotions and channeled through narrow personal beliefs !!

Be it BREXIT or The TRUMP coming into power; even the re-emmergence of the demand for referendum in Scotland or the The Recent European Commission’s decision in which it granted the liberty to the countries in EU which can make their respective refugee policies as per their own sense of wisdom and precision, they are not bound by the political unionism any more !! 

Emotions as always, got blamed,defamed and used. It is really bad to witness this form of self destruction which involves the misuse of this devine quotient by some of the people who do not possess this essence of divinity!!

This is how I define emotions; it can certainly give that boost to achieve something which might look impossible at the first go..  why cannot emotions be a driving force of creating a social cohesiveness…. instead of spreading xenophobia!!

If we perceive the current world order from micro perspectives then we would realize that everyone of us is actually worried about their destiny.. There is a race going on in which each one of us are trying to change our destiny… but here in this juncture, I would like to mention that one must understand the difference between a fear ridden vision of destiny and they vision that enables us to seek the enemy of fulfillment within ourselves; adversities always presents opportunities for introspection !! 

Here I would like to share my experience where I have realized with time that there is divine power in true love and raw emotions that looks over us, that gently lifts us from sadness and failures, and miseries. This eternal feeling will create a connect amongst people and can lead to wonders!

Life is not easy but finding the best ways to make ends meet is what makes out worth living!! In the many setbacks and defeats that destiny might have planned for me, I’ve always been able to look within for strength.

“I am here to stay” is the only line that comes to my mind every time whenever I find myself in the crossroads.. There is an attitudinal deficit in policy making which is a serious threat!!

Be it the era of liberalism or be it the period of neo protectionism… even in this post truth era… policy makers must resize that honesty will make its way, truth will be established… rationality will prevail  over politics and world order which is in the garb of sheer politics cannot use and defame raw emotions of the people for long !!

Loads of love and respect for her..

Beparvah !!


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