Sharing A Memory With A Blend Of Few Observations  !!

When I woke up today at 4 am.. it was dark outside. I switched on the lights and I saw the world map hanging in my room. From no where, a memory flashed in. I reminded of Mr. Sachin Arora sir’s  geography classes where he used to teach the art of drawing world map without even looking at it and within 2 mins or so. 

I remember those days when I used to struggle to make those maps. I also remember how I used to get help from the girl sitting next to me.. It’s been more than two years that I have been waiting for her, still I believe that I will get at least one day to be with her before I perish; at least one day to have a long conversation, one day to plead guilty, one day to ask for forgiveness for all my insensitivities and poor timings.!!

I know her quest for knowledge is never ending.. so I thought of sharing this piece of information which has a blend of conspiracy, diplomacy, and finally a lesson..- a lesson i.e. “we tend to believe what we see, distortions sometimes become ‘fact'”  which will help her and many of us to take correct & thoughtful decisions in their respective lives.

As the earth is roughly spherical, any drawing of it in a flat piece of paper will certainly involve distortion… this is understandable;if the continent’s shapes are correct, their sizes will be distorted or vice versa. If lower latitudes are close to reality,polar region will be misshapen. There are some 200 ways of projecting this earth which are still in use… All thanks to those gifted cartographers !!

In 1569, the Flemish cartographer Garardus Mercator created what went on to become the most popular projection by far… used every where from school atlases to google maps.. But this has a story; carries a colonial bias!! 

This is the map which I used to draw in less than 2 mins so as to use it in my answers as and when required.

Mercator had intended to chart colonial navigation routes. His projection placed Western Europe at the centre- heart of the colonial world. 

He exaggerated northern hemisphere while diminishing the southern part. 

Now the anti- colonial approach – They were arguing that Mercator’s projection was not intended for navigators because we tend to believe what we see, distortions sometimes become “fact”. They wanted to abandon this colonial impact and now their effort is directed to “decolonise”it. 

Boston had chosen a projection presented in 1974, by Dr. Arno Peters. This is called Gall- Peters protection. 

Look at the difference!!

It busted the wrong impression about the relative size of the continent deliberately !! It busted the European centric bias of Mercator. 

There is a struggle going on for literally everything… and we are in a state of war, believe it or not. Today, people have adopted a pragmatic approach in almost everything. They play their cards based on the fallacy called relativity.. It is true that relativity is a fact but it has certainly percolated complexities. 

There are sacrosanct concepts and aspects of life which must get their dues. People have chosen the easy path of the so called pragmatism, because it needs courage to survive with your emotions intact. What I fear is a serious threat of extinction of human feelings due to lack of emotional connect that we witness these days. Stop believing in this mindless growth & development !!

And what I believe is that everyone should be ready to walk alone because many who started with you, won’t finish with you!! But never forget them; always try to move along with them, try to be with people who were there with you… you don’t have to carry the burden of your past but don’t forget it!!

There is no doubt in my mind that I am missing her very much but I cannot help myself. I belong to that group of where people often believe in protecting all the memories, someone who keeps things alive even  against all hardships…  

I cannot change or convert to the other group which believes in erasing their past as and when they move on in life. 

Hence, it goes without saying that I have prayed here for her well-being, success and happiness!! It’s a new place ( where I am currently shifted for sometime). I hope that wherever she is… she is fine, healthy and happy… she is a born fighter who will fight back any circumstances; and is blessed with some amazing friends who will surely be there for her.. 

With loads of love and respect for her.. Beparvah!! 
P.C. Thanks for the picture Ramesh Kumar.(Sadar, SP) (My teacher, guru and friend) .. both of us were having a discussion about the upcoming challenges in the state where we were about to reach.. 


8 thoughts on “Sharing A Memory With A Blend Of Few Observations  !!”

    1. Agreed..
      Hence, the way out is to hold on to ‘satya’ without any perspectives of this along with experience.. we just cannot afford to let go our experiences…
      Still not ready to let go my emotional attachments and with time I guess it will be my one of the biggest strengths !!

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    1. True, nobody is without bias because it makes life easy, it helps us to take decisions … however at the end of the day, everyone will realize what sort of mistake they have committed unknowingly !!


  1. We live in a world of contradictions with this hue and cry about development but when it comes to discrimination, we choose to look the other way. Hey, bro, don’t drive yourself to the wall and I am sure you will get to meet her to talk things over, She will receive your positive vibes. It was after ages that I was able to say sorry to someone and felt good inside


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    1. I have no words for this comment, you expressed many things through these lines.. I can only say that I am fortunate enough to meet such lovely people in this blogosphere..

      Thanks to her, whom I admired so much that I could follow her footprints in this activity called blogging !!

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