Life Note # 1 

13 thoughts on “Life Note # 1 ”

  1. Oh God! How greedy and cruel can man get? It is very depressing to read about such heinous acts.
    I am glad to see the happy expressions of children during their painting competition.
    Hope you are recovering well Chandrajit ! Best wishes 🙂

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    1. Yes, now I am much better, I wish I could post some other pictures of the kids whom we met.. and while taking the first class on Indian history, one girl out of no where stood up and said ” main bade hokar jhasi ki rani banungi” … It was an feeling of contentment.. as if this is what I have lived for .. just to hear this and witness such numerous expressions !! 🙂 🙂 😊😊

      As far as those men are concerned, they are in custody and we are taking good care of them !!

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      1. I am very bad in expressing emotions, and feelings… but I expressed it there.. after the 39 hours or so.. when they operation ended… I was tired as my other colleagues were but when I heard such words, witnessed those smiles, I was into tears !! Though I was not supposed to show that !! 🙈


    1. I have read this post ..
      Firstly, congratulations for penning this outstanding story and n number of real life situations… I will be reading the book soon… honestly where I am now, I cannot get the book but I will be giving an order with my Kolkata address .. and get it from there

      Sorry for the delay !
      Secondly, I would like to say that we all bloggers are very proud to see some substantial works like this…
      Loads of wishes for the success of this book and I hope many more to come !!

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      1. You made my day…. it’s doing great on Amazon too… read soldier’s girl …its a must for men in uniforms and their girlfriends..the uniforms no matter what colour have similar baggage on their shoulders….. all the best for every single laurel you can achieve in the academy

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      2. Thank you so much for writing the most difficult part of our lives.. I will certainly read it.. Thank you for the wishes too.
        And congratulations for the ongoing success !!
        All the best !! 😊😊


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