Thank You For Being There In My Life, Even If It Was For A Flash !!

43 thoughts on “Thank You For Being There In My Life, Even If It Was For A Flash !!”

    1. Thank thou Vishal for the appreciation, it really means a lot especially when you are broken,
      Such small appreciations helps us to maintain this struggle called life.
      Thank you πŸ™‚

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      1. Been through this a couple of times and can relate to that feeling of losing the head and dying. No worry mate. Life is such an ongoing struggle with the turmoil running in the head. Keep writing freely.


    1. Thank you so much. It makes me feel awesome when I read and re read you’re comment and internalize this message. If patience is what is required then I must have it. I must hold on !! Thank you, thank you so much !!

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      1. Neither am I .. you can take this.. I will be having no issues… my purpose was to express my feelings through these paintings.. May be someday this wish will be granted my three almighty… and no other purpose …
        You can take it !!

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      2. But i know the value of painting being an artist, i understand..its colours of love for someone, so maaf kiya☺. But its good..πŸ‘ i will copy it soon

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      3. Copy that soon… am sure you will make it even more beautiful with your genuineness and honesty…
        Yes it’s the colors of love… but it wasn’t deliberate… if she see these paintings someday… she will realise what a painter she created out of a dumb !!

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      4. I am sure you will turn it into an awesome story altogether.. would love to see soon..

        And I believe, I am lucky enough to get in touch with that girl… instead.
        However, I don’t know where she is and how she is doing but I pray for her happiness and health everyday..


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      5. No at all.. Pls don’t be sorry..
        It was really nice talking to you..
        Pls don’t be sorry… hope to see a beautiful boat picture soon from you.. goodnight
        And do take care 😊😊


      6. Yes, May be if you go through few of my posts you will understand a duty of an unrequited love which was put on hold for the years now on the pretext of time and space!!

        Now I have gained the value and trying to attain power from this unrequited love because it was I saw purest form of me since I have fallen in love… I have become a blogger, a so called painter and don’t know what what is going to happen.. but I will wait till I die… 😊 that’s my life in gist,…

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