Truth Is Hard But Living Without It Is Harder !!

                           INS VIKRANT is going to be commissioned in 2018. However, I feel so much lucky  to step inside this new killing machine before been taken away to our destined location.

Everything is so much protected and layered that before writing this post, I had to take permission  from our immediate seniors and required precautions…

The journey to the unknown !!

It all began at 3 am in the morning. After 2 hours, we were on the bridge adjacent to a river bridge… the scenic beauty was amazing…

After traveling for hours, we reached to our destination from where we are about to take on to another action plan..

After around 15 hours, I reached to my office if I could call it that. It was one single room with basic furniture…

I began my day at 6 am with my staff and colleges. Loads of plans and discussions took place that morning. It went on for the next 16 hours. There was a kind of silence that prevailed inside the room. Everyone was occupied with their own tasks and corners. All of us were waiting for the correct time to move in.

Just beside our office we have this old age well from where we have managed to fulfill our daily water demands. There were many attempts to contaminate this source of water with chemicals but all went in vain. Thanks to the locals… We really appreciate your support!!

This was the entrance of our first target.I took this picture after our first success. I remember each and every step we took that night during the initial 25 minutes of raid. It was an amazing experience. No arrest, but this place was sealed !!

Before we could move in to our next task, I met these two girls whom we have rescued few days back. They came to my office to bid me a special goodbye. The girl in the blue is Khushi and the one in the green is Salma.

They have a big heart and agreed to give me their most adorable pets, although it was difficult for me to take them along with me but I was really happy to see this gesture expressing love!!

              We had an awesome afternoon with some story telling sessions, chips and cookies etc. While this fun session was in process, they were having some fruiti!!

It was a bottle full of yummy mango juice which they were sharing. Salma was not able to hold the bottle alone without a direct contact (jhuta). But she was hesitant as she was not sure whether she would be able to handle it.

In such a situation, khushi insisted her to have it directly and then they shared it. Their idea was not to waste a single drop of that yummy juice. I draw another lesson from this act and prayed to the almighty that such gesture may percolate very soon among the masses which will have a deep positive impact on our society..

I believe that we all are gifted and blessed with something which makes us special and different from the rest!! The greatest challenge is to identify that. The charm I found in the action shown by these two girls,Khushi and Salma, was really vital from where I could build a link with the locals.

Reading this book  in between my working hours. Analysis of what went wrong and why; this self introspection is a test of character which very few people can make it.

When we used to attend Mrs Bedi’s Cr. P.C (criminal procedure code) classes during my university days, I always used to ask some additional questions based on her lectures so that I can learn a topic clearly from her without any reasonable doubt.

Now when I met her after getting into the services, what I have realized is that, she never took the easy path in life. She never bluffed and always knew what the right path was as we all know but we don’t take that path because it is so damn hard and that makes the difference between Kiran Bedi and the rest of us.

Last time when I got the opportunity to speak with her, she told me one thing before joining and that being,  I must create a link with whom I am about to serve .. that must be very clear I my mind . She was also very much concerned with the issues of girl child in general and adolescent girls in particular with respect to health and education, their free movement, inter personal skills and comfortness etc.

Keeping this in mind and the spirit shown by Khushi and Salma, we have organized another initiative.

This was also an interactive session with the local kids where apart from quiz and other fun activities, we engaged them into some serious discussions along with their parents. 

The issues were ranging from health, nutrition, education, sanitation and so on . There, I was able to prove to the male kids and parents especially the fathers about the  problem and stress faced by their adolescent daughters  during their growth and the issue they face with !!

I have read it somewhere that if we educate a man we educate one man but if we educate a woman, we educate a generation. Based on this, we had a long group discussion.

Another aspect to this issue added my college friend  Kamayani Mishra who suggested to focus of postures and the importance of having chairs while reading or anything of that sort.

She was emphasizing on the the need for chairs and tables focusing on the problems of sitting on the ground especially during periods. Due to some changes in lifestyle these days, the age of puberty has been fluctuating with no specificity. This had been an hindrance in their growth..

Keeping this in mind we thought of arranging tables and chairs with proper washroom facilities for these kids where they are allowed to come and read thrice a week in the afternoon.

Kamayani works in a law firm in Delhi, often saves some money so that she can contribute .. on a monthly basis she often provides 3000 rupees..

She was even asking me to buy something for these kids especially during the winters .Neither she requires any recognition nor any things in return.. but what I wanted to point out here is that, there are so many people out here amongst us who are silently committed to some cause… for whom this society is surviving the extreme and varied form of oddities!! 

Loads of love and respect to my love; all my prayers & wishes for her health, smiles, success and happiness..



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