Opportunity and Opposition !!

It’s been three years since I lost the most important person of my life. She was all I was lived for. She taught me so many things except the art of living without her.

She always used to motivate me, she used to prepare me all the possible challenges because she believed that “opportunity never comes with an advance notice..”

It was proved again when few weeks back I got an invitation for the RSS Nationalist Assembly Meeting, in the famous Indira Bhawan in New Delhi.

The first thought that came to my mind was that why me? 

I am neither into politics nor into RSS.. But I was sure that it was not by mistake and I must prepare for something unexpected..

Then within an hour or two I got a call from the RSS National Assembly chairperson and Joint General secretary Mr. Dattatreya Hosabale.

He clarified that  the agenda of the meeting before hand & I was requested to give my insights in the form of a speech before the eminent gathering and other top speakers who belong to various fields such as public servants, architects, doctors, journalists & political party members etc. particularly from New Delhi !!

This was the folder that I was given while I was addressing the august house. The issue was  the poor condition of the state of West Bengal and the appeasement policy of the govt. I knew that such an opportunity might not come again so I wasn’t hesitant to ask about the aggressive character of  RSS. Issues from gau rakshaks to romeo policing, to the anti secular colour that is often attached to the color of saffron and what are the steps sangh pariwaar is thinking about rectifying there basic tenets !! 

Some of them whom I personally met and received appreciation were Mr. Swapan Dasguputa, Mr. Chadan Sen, Mr. Anand Mukherjee, Mr. F.Y. Qureshi, Mr. Sambit Patra, Mr. Vivek Katju and several others.

Standing I front of Indira Bhawan, a day before the Assembly Meet with Rahul (CSE 2015, IRTS) & Namit (writer at Indian express, & The Hindu, law school fellow).

My maa used to say that – Let life come the way it is. Someday it will define the reason Why. If they leave, let them. The part is over and now let someone enter, not to replace the place but to heal in a different way…

After I lost my maa, I was even scared of crying; controlled it for over a year or so; I was breaking into pieces from deep inside. Life was meaningless for me. I knew that I still have my father, my elder sister to look upto, yet I was not able to continue living.

In such a situation I met my love, the girl who became my best friend, teacher and literally everything… hence I am blessed by almighty and their messenger in her form..

Loads of love and respect for her. I know I might sound stupid; many of my friends even suggested so many pragmatic solutions but honestly, all those solutions are based on proving my worth .. and all I know is that, all my potential & worthiness was carved out by her effort especially when I was in shambles ; it was she who pulled me out from that darkness of life… so I don’t need to prove anything to her. I believe she knows it all. I can only pray that someday, sooner or later she would realize this love which will be there for the rest of my life.

Loads of wishes and prayers for her Beparvah!!

P.S. The idea of this post was not to highlight some prominent names but to point out anther angle of democracy that sangh pariwaar has in the upper level at least.  And pls forgive me for my painting if anyone have any issues regarding to its quality.  I am not a painter … so I am at your mercy… !! 


15 thoughts on “Opportunity and Opposition !!”

      1. Thank you so much .. though I don’t know where I am heading to but I believe that till the time I breathe, I will try to contribute whatever manner possible …
        Thank you so much .. your unconditional support is priceless..
        🙂 thank you

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      2. Thank you…
        All I have learned from my parents especially my maa, and since I understood the value of love.. so thanks to that beautiful soul… hope someday she would read all this.. 🙂

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    1. Thank you sister!! Needed this appreciation because I was in a fix as to whether she would like it or not, whether it is presentable or not but I trust your choice. Am so glad that you liked it !! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for all the support… in could read the line of prayers and wishes which are embedded in these lines.. I really wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart .. Pls take care of yourself !! 😊😊

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