Happy Birthday To Didi, Dad & All My Little Sisters.. Celebrating In A Different Way !!!

It’s going to be a beautiful day

Prayers have begun for all my dears Taurusians 🙂 🙂

Every year this period from April – June brings so much joy

in my life… So many birthdays celebrations of some beautiful people

All my loved ones. A gift to all those beautiful souls , May god bless them !!!


I often used to think that

my childhood would have been incomplete

and imperfect without my elder sister. Sisters

 have the patience of a monk and are more beautiful

from within. After my mother demise, there was a vacuum

in my life.  I was all alone and that’s when I realized or I should

say that I was made to realize the importance of having a family, a sister..

I always wanted a  little sister: they are one like  angels .

A treasure box in which the most  precious  memories of childhood can be

stored and preserved for a lifetime. They will taunt you, pinch you, scowl at

you or trouble you. But at the end of the day she will always love you unconditionally   

Many happy returns

of the day Didi (more of a guardian angel),

My dad (the fighter) and all the little sisters reading this.  

Loads of love and wishes from this stubborn and self imposed  brother.


Though I am not good with the brush and colours

but nevertheless tried my best to bring out something out of nothing..


I still remember the last time

when I celebrated the joint birthday

party of my elder sister and my dad., the two

Taurusians whom I often look up to whenever I feel defeated..

They always used to say that

wining is everything!! I remember last time

I gifted a mobile phone to my sister and a wooden high

necked chair for my 72 year old dad. I thought that he would be

able to use this to the maximum because he used to spend hours while

reading eight newspapers daily: they were his best friends from the very early age !!

The best part was that after having lunch

I quickly went back to my coaching class where

the classes was going on. It was such a happening

day… Wish I could re- live those amazing days at  least once !!


But this time I couldn’t even send flowers for them. However, this time I got a gift instead…A smart watch” along with a note from my father which says that “be a little smarter than this smart watch and the easiest way to become one is to remain humane. Use this but don’t get used to it because it has a potential threat  to create distances and space where people often manipulate ”  

Harsh Vardhan Agarwal 20170428_214113

As we all know that state of Jammu and

Kashmir is going through a tough time.. especially

the youth irrespective of gender, class  caste and so on ..

Stone pelting returned to haunt the Valley as a mob

was seen hurling stones and bricks at police and army

personnel near the site of the terror attack in Kupwara.

Its been a tremendous experience that we

were gaining. Being in my first eight month district

training it was little tough to handle. Though we have

managed to maintain the sanity in this group picture!!



Until last week when we encountered the force from the front. It was a big time challenge. People are disillusioned.. all what they need is a helping hand and that should not come along with any conditions where the demand of POST 1953 status quo should not be a part at all.

Let’s pray for peace and harmony …let wisdom play its role… let’s have a vision instead of having only eyes…let’s make this place worth living. Let’s be ready to sacrifice for a greater good. My deep and sincere empathy for the common people here in the valley and the injured army and police men  . Let’s not get swayed by the fact that few ISIS flags were seen in the valley in the recent times .. lets join hands.. and save humanity !!

Loads of love and respect for her.. wishes and blessing for you as always

Beparvah !! @Anantnag 

P.S. Thank you Aditya and Harsh for presenting this blog post for me .. Will be indebted to you two. You kept your promise and maintained this especial day worth remembering !!

Wish I could share this post with my family; it will serve no purpose but hurt them instead.,,, hence it is better to keep them in loop.  But I believe that my prayers will reach to them and my love and wishes will reach to all my little sisters !!!


16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Didi, Dad & All My Little Sisters.. Celebrating In A Different Way !!!”

    1. Thank you so much.. am so sorry for replying late… not in a position to reply until yesterday… Thank you for the prayers and blessings… give my wishes to your sister and regards to your family too.. 😊😊😊

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