Meeting Some Beautiful Souls… & Remembering One Lovely Soul !!!

I don’t know why all good things are wild and free….. I don’t know why they often goes unrequited and unrecognized… May be that’s where the beauty lies;_that’s how each and every incomplete part are always special, they occupy a special part in our heart !! 

I don’t know why am I still surviving the pain,  fighting to borrow some more time from the almighty…. Getting threatening calls has become all the more funny these days….. why I don’t know..  May be a little more practice is required on their part !!

At every stage of my life I took many decisions for myself and today when I introspect I don’t find any reason as to why I took those decisions.. 

I chose law but not advocacy as my profession; chose policing knowing my physical strengt which is not yoyo the mark, something which has just  recovered from the initial cancer stage; loved a girl for whom I am nothing but a stubborn creature; still believe that if love exist, it will find its way to her soul someday and so on.. the list is long!!
Introspecting today not because all those steps and decisions have proved to be wrong but some of them has certainly lost its charm, its reason for existence.. which poses a threat to my life and happiness!!

It was the last painting I did for my love but couldn’t share because of many things that happened in between in Kashmir …

In the hospital, I had enough time to think about these dark aspects of life which are not addressed properly… 

It’s a thought which provoked me… in a way that it forced me to connect the dots of all my actions both taken and those in the panel … to get a purposive aspect of it so that I should not repeat the line that ” I don’t know” . So that I should not regret.

In between something happened when Isha came to meet me; she heard about me from one of my colleagues.. and also from few local news papers…

She came all the way from Mumbai to Kashmir.. wearing black long coat and mufflers…  with some prasad for me… hoping that it will help me to regain my senses…


Thank you for coming so far just to get a confirmation that I am alive .. it made me feel really important, something which I seldom feel.  Fortunate to be blessed with such a friend… The feeling of being an unwanted person is little painful.. she came to free me from the clutches of such negativity…

After few days, she left for Mumbai but the texts didn’t stop.. and before she left, she put that ear plug into my pocket which she knew that I got it from my love.. she knew how important it is for me…. she also respect my love… I presume!!

Today she would be happy that I will be discharged soon in the evening …

When it comes to love, I would like to share one small story.. it’s a story of Arshaad … his family was recused last to last week from the cross firing. His mother was the only constant visitor in my hospital.. Today Arshaad came and gifted me something that he made it for me… he calls it “Amanbadhak” which will destroy this anarchy, hatred and flourish love and peace…

I really feel blessed… I found that love which I was looking for in a didn’t form… its the love of my countrymen.. these blessings are genuine.. I wanna thank the almighty for giving me this opportunity to serve… and to make my love be awesome by serving is what she believes so.. I am walking on the same path .. 

If life exist in its real form then it’s purpose is to impact other’s life in a positive way… By hurting you will not gain anything… 

A small dedication to my love whom I lost almost three years back but still I believe that one day she may realize and come back.. I will be waiting all my life… Loads of prayers and wishes… 
Loads of love and respect for her   Beparvah !!


21 thoughts on “Meeting Some Beautiful Souls… & Remembering One Lovely Soul !!!”

    1. Thank you so much … I am taking care but not up to the mark I presume.. even the doctors were worried because bullet injuries are often fetal.. but thanks to almighty, that I am quite better now..
      Thank you once again for all the unconditional love , prayers and care… it really means a lot !!! 😊😊😊

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    1. Thank you so much Meenakshi, it really means a lot… I cannot expect a better comment for this work.. thank you for the wishes and prayers… I will treasure then for the rest of my life 😊😊😊

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    1. Yes… I feel blessed to have a friend like her. I wonder at times that do I deserve such a support system but then comes the reply from her which clears so many doubts !!

      Yes, better now.

      Thank you for dropping by

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    1. Firstly, I consider myself tho be lucky instead. Secondly she is not my ex. Because she never accepted my love and certainly she would have responsible grounds for it. However she didn’t disclose it to me yet.. so basically it’s an unrequited love story. It’s almost like a divine love story where only prayers are and Erik be there for her till I die !!


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