Transformation Requires Time & Little Bit Of Space!!


They who eat the fruit of their labor, 

recognize the right way.

 Consciousness of defeat often gives

birth to a new awakening !! 

  Every transformation depends on how you perceive

                things and  situations around.

            She once asked me add to why I am taking so much pressure while taking the IAS examination, especially when I was so serious before my prelims.. I was fighting cancer.. it was easy to win over it not only because it was at the nascent stage but also the willingness to leave a mark of presence…

Every challenge in life is like a situation where a charging bison will be in front of you.. starring in front of you; starring fierce, threatening you… so it’s better to take it head on head, that’s what we all are born for… !!

Loads of love and respect for my love.. it’s been three years almost.. missing you a lot; every moment…..Please take good care of yourself… you’re always in prayers and wishes ….

P.C. Thank you Isha for that visit in the academy and clicking so many pictures in the gym… Posting it after a long time on request ! 

P.S. Thank you K. M. PATHI sir for being a constant motivator… a real guru who taught me so many things !!!! Congratulations to you sir for the latest success in HIMMAT report!! 


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