No Beparvah.. It’s Me… Harsh!!

8 thoughts on “No Beparvah.. It’s Me… Harsh!!”

  1. And someone finally said what was to be said!
    He is stupid in love like most of us, but not many can brew love into strength. Thank god he is beparvah but keep breathing buddy. You are wanted on earth as a breathing human growing old in a beautiful cottage with family by your side.
    Fearless one should always be
    But fear a little because without you
    Life will be miserable for the ones who ALWAYS love you.
    God bless you and take care. (both of you friends.)

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  2. Hey !!u r not chandrajeet.?what is happend with babu moshay.?plz tell me soon,dear harsh.i want to see well my dear chandrjeet mukharji.plz reply soon.he is symbol of soul of immortal love n i am impressed his thoughts of love.u r honest friend of him.plz give me all information about of him.bless u both friends.

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