No Beparvah.. It’s Me… Harsh!!

Hello friends..

This is my first post on this blog which belongs to my friend who is known by the name Beparvah… 

My name is Harsh Aggarwalla, serving under the GoI. Policing has what pulled us towards each other even more. However, I knew him even before our interview…

Before writing this post I was reading this blog. I got to know about the core and background of this endeavor i.e. his unrequited love … which turned him weak initially but later he started gaining all the strength out of this platonic and devine love…  this was all the crux I found after reading most of his posts…

I have not seen an idiot like him… to be honest… he is a guy who is always on a roll to contribute without even thinking about his own good even for a second.  I am not here to describe his goodness here but I would certainly miss him if something might have happened to him in the last attack he survived that occurred last to last week…

Most of us even envy him for having this selfless character but we cannot do anything about it. I cannot become like him.. because somewhere down the line I will be selfish…  I know about his entire love story which was nipped into the bud even well before it got started… I know that beautiful girl … (not personally but through his blog and diary ; not with his permission, that goes without saying)

I just wanna tell you girl if you are reading this post.. that you did the best possible thing to him.. he wasn’t up to your level of expectation and didn’t even have enough to reciprocate apart from an undying love for you.. leaving such a soul is the best way to survive … I wish I could do the same like you.

I have seen him climbing to the top, fighting his own emotional instability , I have faced his restlessness… his undying hunger… he had changed… 

From a nice gentleman who used to be a popular guy in the academy with his witty comments and sense of humour …to a roaring tiger…. all thanks to you dear girl.. you have curved and shaped him to this extent… that even death often takes another route when it encounter him in between…

Often rejection breaks down people and they move on to someone else with a pragmatic approach … as if like going to a shopping mall.. liked a dress very much but couldn’t find a proper size so get diverted to another product…. but this idiot will wait for that product to be produced again which will be a complete match..

This idiot will always be there for you , praying for you in probably all the mandir and masjid here in Kashmir.. and treaty of India as and when he gets transferred..

I can only wish and pray to god for both of you… that may honesty, loyalty and light sustain forever in this divine relationship… wherever the destination is, time will solve this “gutthi”  only concern is that no one must get harmed.. wishes to both ..

Not at all sorry for abusing you, posting your picture without your consent, you bald headed brilliant… get some thing for yourself.. dude.. its your life too… I know this would be my last post… as you wouldn’t allow me further… taking the advantage of your stay in hospital… come back soon…  we all miss you especially the doctor from our own city Varanasi !!😍

 With love…. 



19 thoughts on “No Beparvah.. It’s Me… Harsh!!”

  1. And someone finally said what was to be said!
    He is stupid in love like most of us, but not many can brew love into strength. Thank god he is beparvah but keep breathing buddy. You are wanted on earth as a breathing human growing old in a beautiful cottage with family by your side.
    Fearless one should always be
    But fear a little because without you
    Life will be miserable for the ones who ALWAYS love you.
    God bless you and take care. (both of you friends.)

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    1. Thank you for this long, honesty reply… if tread it for times.. Ann’s each time I got a separate angle to out.. as all boils down to unconditional friendship and care I received from my loved ones must be valued…

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      1. Much better now …
        Hovering around in N/E … thanks to almighty, family, and friends supporting & blessings… helped me to recover fast and very on to it..i.e. my work…

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  2. Hey !!u r not chandrajeet.?what is happend with babu moshay.?plz tell me soon,dear harsh.i want to see well my dear chandrjeet mukharji.plz reply soon.he is symbol of soul of immortal love n i am impressed his thoughts of love.u r honest friend of him.plz give me all information about of him.bless u both friends.

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