After A Long Time… Gathering Love & Emotions !!!

“​It’s not that difficult to bring smile on to someone’s face..All you need is a little time… And we can make anybody and everybody happy.. It doesn’t demand money to do this” – 

Had a two day visit in the Capital before diving into the pool of work with no non sense approach to life…. 

Meeting friends may be for the last time was difficult but I kept that with myself so that I could enjoy most of the quality time with these goldmines that I have in my life !!

My trip began with kanika and Fatima… it was a pleasant surprise.. Fatima came to India for meeting friends from Boston but she never thought that she would be able to see me… 

On the other side. Even I was about to meet my friends… but never thought of meeting Fatima… May be, even God wanted this to happen before we walk towads our respective goals.. 

This was her reaction when I appeared suddenly to take my share of chocolates she bought from United States…

Aditya was as happy as I was… even his mother was of the view that I am still in Kashmir, but she was not aware of the fact that I came here to meet them as I had to come to Delhi for my medical check up anyway… When I sent this picture to Aditya’s mom… she was excited and surprised at the same time.. after meeting Aditya, I met many others including Dhruv, Divye, Rajat, Srivats, Arjun, Udayan, Pragya, and kamayani(All practicing @ Supreme Court for the last four years)..

Ended my trip with meeting Isha, The meeting was planned at the end as she was having her PhD examination in ILI ( INDIAN LAW INSTITUTE )… and it would not be possible to come to Delhi and going without meeting her especially when she was able to visit me to Kashmir..

I don’t know when I will meet them again but I have collected loads of memories which will be enough for me to continue my journey.. towards my goal ..

Just before leaving Delhi…I met my Guru.. Prof. KM Pathi, which was also not planned… but I feel blessed.. had a wonderful time you sir especially after the “Himmat” project.. 

It’s my humble request to all, especially to all those Indian women who has to travel a lot all alone… it’s not a distress app… pls read about himmat app … which will certainly add your confidence and a sense of security while traveling.. a lot of hard work has been there to ensure security of our women and all those women who travel in India alone…

It was a lovely and memorable meeting.. Thank you so much sir for arranging this meeting with such a short notice and taking out time from your busy schedule… A lot is left… one hour was not enough especially when meeting you after so many years… would be meeting you soon….sir.

Okay !! Okay Harsh enough of your posts.. and poses… tired of clicking pictures…N/E is really disturbed and we have got a lot of work… let’s dive into the sea soon darling..

Finally, I would like to mention that my feelings for my first love is not going to end and will remain forever deep within me..I believe honesty and undying love have stored something for me. My prayers and wishes will always be their with her no matter wherever she is!!
Loads of love and respect for her…

Beparvah !!!


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