A New Chapter !!

New experience is about to begin..

But whether it’s exactly new or a continuous process, is a difficult question to answer.. 

The time frame we are given is limited, the number of failures around us will always be more than the number of achievers, so the picture around us might look gloomy but in reality, the surrounding depends upon how we look at things…


He is an achiever because he could finally managed to feed his little sister for the day. For him sense of security, privacy is a luxury, if at all he is aware of these concepts.. They are my source of inspiration!!

Isha (right) believes her to be an achiever … as she finally manage to carry the saari, she sent this picture to me to express her gratitude and happiness as she wore my mother’s saari which she gave her when she was alive.. 

I felt something when I got to meet these young guns today !! They are full of innocence, dreams and aspirations… if I could help them to reach to their respective goals, I would surely feel that awesome moment… 

Thank so much Deepti for organizing that very special welcome.. seldom I feel myself to be so important … today was one of those days.. Thank you once again for making it more special!!

As I came to Calcutta almost a week back only for a couple of days . I was surprised by the achievements of my father..  I do not stay here in Calcutta these days..So my computer system was not properly maintained.. but as I reached here, my father sent me this picture in whatsapp as he fixed it all his own for me and said that he is taking care of my stuff.. so that I do not get into  any trouble whenever I come back.. .He is 72… my father!! I will miss you baba… Will miss this love here… I am writing this so as to make it clear that you are my hero.. You have taken up the responsibility of both maa n baba.. since she expired..!!

I will miss you Brunoo… n my dearest Rosy.. because you two have always understood my tears, mood.. you two have treated me every time with love no matter I fail or succeed !!

Though they cannot speak the way we do, but whatever they do is genuine …They do not manipulate like humans do .

Loads of love…and respect for her… I may sound foolish but I believe that if you constantly pray for someone’s happiness without asking anything in return.. then almighty will keep that person happy… which I really wanna see..

I don’t know whether I would be able to write again or not… but if I stop for some reason then that will not stop my prayers… and not limit my feelings to perish… it will always be there and if something exist which on which we all have faith, must approve it.. !! 



21 thoughts on “A New Chapter !!”

    1. I don’t know what to write out of imagination ; every time when I open my wp account.. i delve into my heart and write the unedited version .. this was not an exception..
      Thank you so very much for acknowledging… in this post I have mentioned about my new posting @ Nagaland.

      Writing is playing it’s ambivalent role in my life.. it helps to settle down my tears in to paper and at the same time it pulls me into the darkness..

      Let’s see how things unfolds


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