Walking On The Promise.. & Thanking Life  !!

Time never gives opportunity to anyone..it depends on us as to how we understand & appreciate the moments without taking things for granted.. Time certainly gives us lessons… it teaches us many things but again..it depends upon the capacity of the receptor… unlike gravity, which is certainly a better teacher than time. It keeps us grounded… 

I never got the opportunity to thank my mother when she was alive..whatever she used to do, I thought I deserved it all. Its not that I never valued what I got but it was more like being ignorant about the fact that how lucky I was. 

But I would not like to make this mistake again. I would like to thank the almighty to bless me with a strong father- who has taken up the challenge and with time  he is only getting stronger.. and stronger…

All he has been doing is to support me unconditionally even after such a big loss of losing his better half at the age of 70. Time has taught me something serious which I cherish today. Here at Nagaland, living here all alone in my district I miss him a lot. 

Since evening after coming back from office, I literally fail to hold my tears very often. The pain of being alone is terrible..I hope and pray that no-one should go through this… it’s easy to write about it and extremely difficult to practice.. it requires some amount of maturity to appreciate the importance of a company. 

Dad.. no one ask me here as to whether I want tea or coffee every morning unlike what you used to prepare every day so many times so that it gives me that adrenalin rush…. with your special tulsi tea … which used to help me in long study sessions.. 

Not a single day I saw him resting without performing something which he was not supposed to do but he took those as his own responsibilities… 

Every morning he would get these flowers from our garden and would place before my mother’s picture.. not even for a single day I saw that being missed.. 

The constant support ,  the unending effort comes out of unconditional love which is precious than anything else. It does not really matter what we are getting in return..

This is what I have seen throughout my childhood and adolescence … and I’m blessed that I could percolate the same so far..

It is true that I do miss human touch… here. Staying all alone with work and seniors dealing with some serious issues that will be going to touch lives directly.. since my last visit to Delhi.. I ‘ve not met any of my friends…although they keep on tagging me on Facebook..

Sometimes I do find some generous and kind soul… who sends blessings I the form of sudden gifts all the way from Bangalore so as to bring some smile .. thank you so much Itisha and Isha.. I’ve no words..

Every day when I saw my uniform laying on my bed…I feel the sacrifice worth it. I feel lucky to chosen by almighty.. for giving me this opportunity to work for his own creations… 

There are people for whom you matter so much and to balance that the almighty also had created someone who will make you believe that no matter how people love you.. they give a damn. This is nature.. just an act of balancing… accept it and remain honesty and loyal !!

This I made out of a chalk with the help of few pencils.. it was surely an accident as I had no plans of making this out of a chalk .. I was just finding something inside it and kept trying … never chase anything especially those what you want.. just keep trying, continue your efforts, be honest and loyal… things will fall in line..

In this respect I would like to make an announcement that way back in 2015-16, I have decided to publish a book simplifying the IAS preparation while preparing …. it was, to be honest not my idea.. it was given to me by the girl whom I loved and I still do.. she used to say that we should jointly start a book.. but as some miscommunication seeps into our relationship (much fault I presume) that even I lost the friend in her.. it’s true that I lost all connection with her since past two and a half years but that shouldn’t stop me from the pact we had, I should respect her plans whom I loved and respected a lot .. hence, it’s my honour to announce that from next weekend onwards I will be covering the entire syllabus of general studies with notes… completely cover the entire 44 NCERT BOOKS from class VI – XII apart from few basic books.. anyone can rely on those notes..I used it during my preparation… two successive times… 

P.S. I will be posting my next post about the three nominations I received from three beautiful blogger friends of mine.. I’m sorry for the delay… I’ve thought that last post to be my final one but it’s really difficult to keep myself away from word press..

With loads of love & respect for her Beparvah!!



16 thoughts on “Walking On The Promise.. & Thanking Life  !!”

  1. I am sure your parents shared a great bond of love together. It’s only when we are away from our family do we realize this true value. Wishing you all the best Chandrajit. Hoping that you will soon be able to join your father.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Pradita for acknowledging the spirit… values and affection I tried to highlight as a part of this post..
      Thank you for those selfless wishes. It means a lot !!


    1. Thank you so much for being a power house … you were a constant support.. thank for reading my posts.. they are actually a part of my every day diary..

      Drowned I working to prevent my sanity and hide the agony..
      Thank you from the bottom of my heart !!


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