Time Table – The Forgotten Dreams !! 

It’s been one of those forgotten dreams that we used to plan together.. but as I said in my last post that even if we are not together anymore… it doesn’t mean that the dream have to die.. Dreams are special so they are to be protected, they should get their due care and love.. 

Moreover, its been three weeks here at Nagaland. I’m short of words to explain my experience in words.. the new ways that I engineered for communication which helped me a lot especially during our weekly sessions while communicating with the local tribes.. 

In my last post I did mentioned about the moments of solitude which at times is bad and depressing…   I think may be almighty understood the pain rather quickly and here is this surprise waiting for me that I received from one of our professors from my university.

It’s been four years since I graduated from Lucknow, which brings me to the point that no matter the odds, true love never fail.. it doesn’t believe in negotiation… all it requires is guts !! 

In the mean time I went to Varanasi for a couple of days where, under the GoI programme , we organized yoga sessions.. it was awesome to interact with a big and raw crowd… although it has become a habit now since past two years!!

Anyways, as promised, I would be sharing my notes and important pages with a little discussion on each topics as per the plan mentioned below…

It’s the board I bought in kohima, perhaps my first purchase here, to give you a better picture as to what will be our agenda in my upcoming posts… 

Target audience will not be restricted to CSE aspirants alone… but also those who wanna go back to their school days and enjoy those moments again…

The content will be the exact form which is about to publish from Vision Ias publishing group. 

This book is going to have two main highlights, one is that, it was her plan and we finally agreed to do this while we were preparing. She always used to say that there should be one book which should cater to all subjects and topics should run parallel with time.. which becomes easy to read and understand.. so this book will have parallel understanding of events with time. 

The other one will be that the book will be thinner, full of flow charts which will be a student’s way of learning, which is more scientific and concise without missing pout of any static portion.. 

There might be some irregularities in posting contents every week… but it will be only due to my failure of not making time management properly… but I will try to stick to this may be in late hours after office.. 

It was our dream  to publish this book jointly but now let’s we all make this dream come true and in the process .. any one can be benefited who is carrying doubts about this exam, or has issues which are restricting them to join any coaching classes…

Loads of love and respect to my only love Beparvah!!

P.S. There are three nominations… I’m extremely sorry for being late by another post because it’s been really hectic schedule for me which is perhaps seems to be a never ending path as of now.. 


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