Life Note # 1 

Too much or too little of something May limit the growth; The range between too much or too little Lies the zone of struggle.. This is where life resides so enjoy it fully! This part of life is the most important as this will be the first step towards decoding human behavior, if you are … Continue reading Life Note # 1 

The Post Truth Era!!

Post truth era .… relating to or denotes specific circumstances in which objective facts are less important or influential than appeals which are driven by sheer emotions and channeled through narrow personal beliefs !! Be it BREXIT or The TRUMP coming into power; even the re-emmergence of the demand for referendum in Scotland or the … Continue reading The Post Truth Era!!

My Premonissions !!

Dying every moment ..  Barely alive, it’s stifling……   I am in pain.. losing my hope.. but still trying to find my way back; the space between hope and hopelessness which we all go through, we all have our share of happiness and pain.. In many setbacks and defeats that destiny has handed me, I … Continue reading My Premonissions !!